State of Caring 2021 Survey

Carers UK have launched the State of Caring survey 2021 and they want to hear from you.

The survey is the UK’s most comprehensive research into the lives and experience of carers and many professionals who work with carers find the results provide a useful evidence base for their work locally. They want to understand carers’ priorities for the future and what support they need to help recover from the pandemic, and to create a positive legacy for the future. They will use the evidence to continue to campaign for carers to get better support.


Over the last year, their research and responses to surveys have helped to highlight carers’ experiences across the UK to the media. It has helped them to campaign successfully for better guidance, testing for carers, PPE for unpaid carers, carers' 'support bubbles' and exemptions to allow carers to get a break. Carers were included in the priority list for the COVID-19 vaccination and they campaigned for specific advice to support juggling work and care. Carers telling Carers UK what their priorities are has also helped them to focus their work and help decision makers know what matters to carers.  


If you are a carer yourself, please complete the survey, or share with carers you know.

The survey will close on 13 September and we will be releasing a research report in November.  

For more information on the survey, visit the Carers UK website


If you have any questions about the research, please get in touch with the Carers UK policy team by emailing