Coronavirus (COVID-19)

New lockdown guidance

The Government has detailed its roadmap out of the current lockdown which was put into place at the start of January. Current restrictions are similar to the ones that were put in place in the March 2020 lockdown. Unpaid carers can leave their home to travel to provide care and/or to provide respite for another unpaid carer. 

The roadmap announced on February 22 gives details of when households are likely to be able to mix outdoors, when schools will reopen and when facilities such as gyms and non-essential shops may be able to open again. 

Carers First’s response to coronavirus (covid-19)

We understand what a difficult and worrying time this is for everyone. The situation is perhaps especially hard for carers. The lockdown has cut many carers off from their normal support systems, and taken away opportunities for respite, hobbies and social interactions with loved ones.

Carers First has adapted our way of working during the coronavirus outbreak to ensure we are able to continue providing essential services such as emotional support, information, and advice. We are checking-in on vulnerable carers and helping others access any additional help they might need.

Many carers are themselves, in groups identified as vulnerable to coronavirus, and a key concern for a lot of people, is what might happen if they become ill. Carers First is advising all carers to make an emergency plan. We have provided information on our website and are offering further advice on this topic via our Carers Hub and virtual drop-ins 

What are we doing:

     Our Carers Hub remains open Monday-Thursday 9am – 5pm and Fridays 9am – 4:30pm

     We have increased our virtual drop in sessions, conducted on webchat, from weekly to daily. Details of the times can be found on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

     We have identified at-risk carers and are carrying out wellbeing calls to ensure they are safe and supported.

     Carers can also access our online forum and we plan to hold regular live wellbeing sessions with a support worker.

     We are sending regular emails to carers with information about local initiatives as well as advice from local and central government

  • We are holding online carers groups and activities on Zoom and telephone

What has changed:

     Carers First has suspended in-person support, carers groups and social activities until further notice.

Coronavirus Updates


Be aware of scams asking for bank details.

The NHS would never identify a person by their bank details. Never share your bank with anyone who has contacted you by text, phone or email. 


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Please visit the area you or the person you care for live in for more local information: